Training Program on International Mechanisms for Human Rights Protection

The Group has held many training workshops for CSOs at the national and international levels to raise their capabilities in preparing human rights and enhance their skills in monitoring, following up, and communicating with the UN contractual mechanisms (Treaty Bodies), as well as non-contractual mechanisms (Human Rights Council, Special Procedures and the Universal Periodic Review).

Training on Community Initiatives Organization

The Group has held several trainings on youth and CSOs empowerment to organize and launch community initiatives at the local and international levels to enhance youth participation, increase their knowledge of community youth development concepts, and develop youth skills in designing community youth initiatives and linking them to the goals of sustainable development.

Training on Children’s Rights and Child Labor Laws

The Group has targeted young people and CSOs with a set of training programs to educate them about the international laws, agreements, and efforts aiming at protecting children’s rights, their role in society and how to combat child labor.    

Training on Refugee Rights

The Group has held several trainings for refugees and migrants on how to address local and international laws.

Training Program on Human Rights Laws and Principles

The Group held a training course on human rights laws and principles to raise the capabilities and skills of national and international young people on human rights laws and principles, as well as the most important international human rights instruments and treaties.

Preparing professional international observers for electoral processes

     International Consultation Group (ICG) has developed many national and international organizations’ skills on the rules and methods of international elections observation through a five-day training course in March 2018. It also provided them with practical experience during the period of the 2018 Egyptian presidential elections.

Workshop on United Nations Charter-Based Bodies

  International Consultation Group (ICG) organized a workshop for a group of European youth in collaboration with its partners at its headquarters in Cairo, in December 2018. The workshop contributed to developing young Europeans’ skills and enhancing their capacities to cooperate and communicate with UN Charter-based bodies (Human Rights Council, Special Procedures and Universal Periodic Review).  

Training Course on Universal Periodic Review Mechanism

     International Consultation Group (ICG) held a training course on the universal periodic review mechanism at its headquarters in Cairo, in October 2018. The training sessions focused on clarifying the working mechanisms of the UPR and methodologies for preparing reports, as well as following up the implementation of the recommendations.

Promoting sustainable development by the media and civil society

     In the context of consultation and support services, the International Consultation Group (ICG) conducted a panel discussion entitled “The role of media and civil society in promoting sustainable development”. The discussion was conducted between a group of civil society and media experts in July 2018. It aimed at raising awareness about sustainable development goals and opened a discussion on mechanisms that could be used to achieve national agendas within… اقرأ المزيد »Promoting sustainable development by the media and civil society