International Consultations Group For Training and Legal Services

“Law in the Service of Peace and Development”

  • About the Group:

The International Consulting Group was established to operate as a house of expertise headquartered in the Arab Republic of Egypt and provides its services all over the world for those interested in the fields of training, legal work, legal mediation, drafting contracts and regulations, real estate asset management, international relations, investment, international trade and arbitration, peace, all branches of law, human rights, sustainable development, governance issues, and public policy alternatives, whether they are companies, individuals, or non-governmental organizations, to help them make the right decisions and adopt policies and practices that enhance their ability to communicate and cooperate across borders.

The Group cooperates with a large number of specialized experts and consultants around the world in related fields to achieve economic, social, and financial benefits within the framework of commitment to legal and moral responsibility.

Governing Framework:

The Group provides its services in accordance with the relevant national and international legislation, charters, instruments, and international and regional mechanisms.

The Group Provides Various Services including but not limited to:

  • Carrying out all legal work before national and international courts, legal mediation, arbitration, drafting contracts and regulations, translating them, and managing real estate assets.
  • Providing legal advice and services related to communication with relevant UN mechanisms and regional bodies.
  • Providing evaluation services and legal, technical, and social feasibility studies for for-profit and non-profit projects and programs, at the national, regional, and international levels.
  • Providing advice and technical support services with regard to monitoring, documentation, and preparation of legal and human rights reports submitted to national and international courts and international and regional bodies.
  • Capacity building, technical support, and relevant legal, human rights and development training.
  • Providing advisory services on development and governance issues, public policy alternatives, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Preparing, printing, and publishing scientific literature in the various fields of law.