African Agenda – SDGs 2063: Human Rights Dimensions

Since the beginning of this century, the African Union has started to change its direction from political liberalization to economic and social development on the continent. It started with economic integration through different economic initiatives that began in 1980. Consequently, the African Union has devised new plans, which are in line with the new global economic systems, namely, the establishment of an integrated and politically united continent based on the ideals of comprehensive African unity and the vision of an African renaissance. In this regard, African leaders signed the Solemn Declaration, which outlined the ambitions and aspirations of Africans over the next 50 years. All these efforts are directed to develop a clear vision for Africa, specifically (Agenda 2063).

This study discusses the operational formulas and agenda of strategy 2063; human rights dimensions of Agenda 2063 focusing on good governance and respect for human rights; security and peace; achieving gender equality, eliminating all forms of discrimination against women; supporting and empowering youth; social protection for vulnerable groups and providing good education based on technology and innovation. In addition, the study reviewed the bodies concerned with the implementation of this strategy, as well, the African human rights mechanisms, with presenting a set of recommendations that will promote sustainable development in the African continent.